Back on Instagram

A few weeks ago I made an Instagram account that was deleted by them after two, or three, days. Somehow, I violated the terms and conditions, but it wasn’t explained as to what I did to warrant the termination. I had emailed them stating I felt it was a mistake and let them know I had done nothing wrong. I still haven’t heard back from them. I was beyond agitated. I was done with them all together at that point, but I felt I should try it out one more time. It was my past experiences with the app that helped me with weight loss, become more mindful of my mental health, and helped me to stay accountable. If it wasn’t for those reasons I would have definitely given up.

Credit: Mink Mingle

What I can say is, so far, so good. I’ve already ‘met’ a few people and have witnessed many inspiring personalities. I feel this will be helpful to my lifestyle changes. As long as I stay focused, that is. I have a tendency of focusing on one particular thing, then lose track of what I was previously working on. I’m awful at multitasking in my life, basically.

That’s all I have for now. Due to my anxiety attacks last night and lovely insomnia, I barely slept. I’m at work feeling like I am going to slam my face on the keyboard at any second. The last thing I need is to potentially break my nose and have keyboard keys embedded in my face.

3 thoughts on “Back on Instagram

  1. 😦 That stinks. I had tumblr do that to me. Once. And restored my rights.

    But, more and more, I’ve seen friends put into social-media time-out.

    I was thinking about it this morning, in the shower. These days we rely on algorithms and other people reporting pages. But, I remember hearing about how draining and depressing it was, back in the day, for AOL’s report team. 8+ hours a day of looking at offensive/horrific images and text, and making the call if it was beyond the terms of service. And whether the police needed to be called in.

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  2. At least people were really looking for said offensive/horrific images and texts and acted accordingly. Now a days, you can get deleted (or placed in a time-out) based on something being taken out of context or (as in my case) you aren’t even told what you did when you know you’ve done nothing! haha. It’s crazy. But, to rationalize it, I guess everyone is still trying to figure out social media and work out the kinks of it.

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    1. Did you know that the longer you have had an account, the less likely you’ll get kicked out? This is something I’ve noticed with different social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Older accounts that have been alive for 2+ years are less likely to be targeted. If you have an older account that’s deactivated or currently collecting virtual dust, I would suggest using it again. Good luck!


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