A Workplace Rant

Today is one of those days where things appear to be going wrong left and right. I cannot begin to explain the irritation I’m feeling at the moment. All I can say is I am close to quitting this so-called “job” and deal with the consequences of being broke until I find something else. Being miserable and getting treated as if you are less than is not okay. This is only a minor rant to keep myself from lashing out at those who do not deserve it. My next post was supposed to be positive and more light-hearted, but that went out the window today. I need to stop letting this place get the best of me. I just can’t help it when I have all this frustration building up on a daily basis. I need to do something asap to get myself out of this situation before this gets any worse. I can’t keep living like this. This place is not worth my time. 

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